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   9/26/2000 @ 5:12 pm
Blah. This is a pretty cool layout actually, a nice mesh of some of the ideas I've been fooling around with. The borders around the "windows" sort of clash with the heading, but I can't think of a way to fix that, so cope with it. =)

day is so bland.
   9/26/2000 @ 5:17 pm
Hehe, I love how these timestamps go backwards. But anyway, school is so dull now. I don't see my friends much, and when I do see them, it's in a class that I like care about like art. Blah. Art is the only good part of school. I spend like 2 or 3 periods a day in that room. It's incredibly relaxing and focusing. I love crosshatching, it reminds me of watercolor, shade once, shade over, shade again... Very cool. Not like that idea that you should opaquify your paper like colored pencil =)

heaven's fury rocks.
   9/26/2000 @ 5:59 pm
This song is brilliant. Incredibly ambient, it's sort of just like noises after another, but it forms this picture in your head. Very relaxing, takes a listen or two to understand it.
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